3 thoughts on “Testing…

  1. I hope everybody had a Happy Halloween to cap off October. Now that it’s November, we’ve still a chunk of autumn to get under our belts. At least y’all — south of the border — have your Thanksgiving to look forward to. 😉

      • Hi yet again: I hope all is well, including keeping healthy from being candy junkies. Again, you needn’t spoil your TG appetites for turkey (unless it’s otherwise tofurkey or turducken) and fixins, though it’s indeed not for a few weeks. 😉 As it’s getting late in the CFL Football season — with the Grey Cup championship, November 30th, there’ll still be some ongoing NFL games. 🙂

        Still, `Lest We Forget’ with Remembrance/Veterans’ Day ahead as WWI ended on the ELEVENTH hour, on the ELEVENTH day, of the ELEVENTH month, with mourning the countless fallen war heroes. 🙁

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