Making it work!

Well, this site has needed some more work! I have updated the Banana Farm with some new images, mostly ACEOs. I seriously LOVE working with Prismacolor markers! They are wonderful!

Sadly, my Wacom Bamboo tablet is on the fritz. The pen doesn’t have any pressure sensitivity! I found some instructions for how to disassemble and (hopefully) fix the problem, but the pen won’t come apart! I’m terrified to put any pressure on it for fear of breaking the internal components. What to do??? I love that Bamboo tablet, and I don’t want to have to replace it (it’s a first-generation model, and I could get a whole new one for what it would cost to replace the pen!). Oh, the quandary!

One thought on “Making it work!

  1. Hi again Cyber: Better late than never, thought I’d comment on how you’re “Making It Work!” Again, good luck worth of the Wacom Bamboo. As “Making It Work” is a hit Doug & The Slugs song, let’s not forget its chorus that says it all, “Making It Work takes a little longer. Making It Work takes a little time…”

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